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iMagic Timetable Master - Online Manual

Tutorial 5 Advanced Availability Techniques

This is the fifth tutorial in a series that show you how to use iMagic Timetable Master. This tutorial steps you through techniques for defining availability.

It is sometimes helpful to define when a tutor, room or class is unavailable. It may be, for example, that a tutor only works a set number of days per week or that a room is unavailable for maintenance. Whatever the case may be you can make them unavailable for any given periods.

To mark a tutor, room or class as unavailable:
1. View the tutor, room or class timetable by clicking the View Table button on the toolbar and selecting the timetable. If one does not exist, first create it.
2. Select the period to be made unavailable.
3. Click the Unavailable button on the toolbar.

The period has now been marked as unavailable. Other timetables can no longer select this tutor/room/class for this period.

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