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iMagic Timetable Master - Online Manual

Dealing with Clashes

If you select a tutor, room or class that is currently scheduled elsewhere you will recieve a 'A clash has occured' message. This indicates that the selection can not be used.

If your selection is required then you must first remove the clash before you can select it.

Removing an unwanted clash
1. Select the timetable for the clash, if the timetable does not exist first create it. For example if you have a clash with the tutor Mr Smith, select Mr Smith's timetable.
2. Go to the period that is causing the clash.
3. Click Clear from the toolbar to remove the entry.
4. You can now make the original selection.

Avoiding Clashes
You can see when a clash will occur by showing the appropriate list on the main screen. For example to show all of the tutors on a room timetable click Show Tutors.

The list displays each of the tutors, rooms, subjects or classes. A green circle indicates that the item is available for the currently selected period. A red circle indicates that the item is not available. If you select an item that is unavailable, iMagic Timetable Master will first attempt to make the period available. If it can not then the message 'A clash has occured' will be displayed along with the details of the clash.

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