Create Teaching Timetables

Timetable creation software

Enjoy a guaranteed breakthrough in creating scheduling timetables without the frustration of having to start from scratch on every change. Simply By Using Our 7 Steps To creating the ideal scheduling timetables for schools, colleges and teaching institutes.

Creating timetables that take every need into account, don’t clash, and need to be updated as requirements change isn’t an easy task. Until now.

Here come the Chaos Monkey's!

Chaos Monkey's come in many forms and at anytime with the sole reason to ruin your day.

A tutor is no longer available, they only have specific times available, a clash between resources, students attending a class at the same time, tutor informs you that a room doesn’t have needed facilities, a tutor takes long leave, room or facilities aren’t working or need repair. Or just about anything else?!

You've Got This

We understand how difficult it can be to organize many resources at once, without making a mistake and do so in a short period of time.

We’ve been developing software for scheduling needs 20 years, in that time we’ve helped countless people just like you.

Get Organized

Be Professional

Adapt to Changes

7 Steps to Creating Your Timetables

  1. Download our software. It’s free!

  2. Install and launch iMagic Timetable Master on your PC. We currently support Microsoft Windows.

  3. Create a timetable and enter in your tutors, rooms and classes OR start entering in your information and our software will learn as you type.

  4. Enter in any limitations for example a specific tutor isn’t available on a particular day.

  5. Click Autogenerate to create a timetable.

  6. Resolve any clashes which will be automatically highlighted for you.

  7. Distribute your timetable and enjoy a coffee.

What you Don't want to Do

You don’t want to spend months going into years feeling frustrated. Why would you? Be appreciated for the work you’re putting in. Make the process look easy and go with the flow of changing requirements at any moment. Tame the Chaos Monkeys and become indispensable. Make use of our software to become a master of timetables with iMagic Timetable Master.