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iMagic Timetable Master - Product Overview

  • Automatically create new timetables
  • Ideal for Schools and Colleges
  • Highly configurable and easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Automates the scheduling process
  • Avoids clashes between tutors, classes and rooms
  • Tracks class hours
  • Analyses tutor teaching hours
  • Custom features available
Product Overview

Introducing the easiest to use timetabling software available! Handle hundreds of classes and tutors at once.

Our production team has been developing software for 18 years, we build solid highly dependable software. If you need a job done then rely on us. Our timetable software has been in use by schools and colleges across the globe for over three years.

iMagic Timetable Master has been built by the leading reservation software and scheduling company. Ensuring product quality and service.

Enter the technological age with iMagic Timetable Master. No more hunting for scraps of paper or notes. iMagic Timetable Master will organize and associate all relevant information. Use the powerful export function to integrate into the latest software applications including Excel and the Web.

Timetable creation is not about starting to build a timetable it's about finishing it. Use our AutoFill feature and be finished in a snap. AutoFill will speed up your timetable creation and free up your time.

Our unique cross referencing system lets you build multiple timetables at once. Each timetable is internally interlinked so filling up one, automatically fills up the others.

Entering hundreds of classes, tutors, rooms and subjects is time consuming and tedious. iMagic Timetable Master allows you to create a timetable immediately. As you type, a database will be build up automatically for future use.

Don't feel the heavy weights on your shoulders as you plough through creating your timetables. Let iMagic Timetable Master help and give yourself a break.

iMagic Timetable Master is so easy to use, you wont even need the manual. No cryptic buttons or options, iMagic Timetable Master lets you see your timetable as you build it. Use the Timetable Creation Wizard to create the outline and then just type and go. The timetable will emerge before your eyes.

Don't be hassled by the hard work of creating timetables. iMagic Timetable Master saves you time, effort and organizes your resources. Easy to use software with helpful wizards will guide you through the timetable creation process.

iMagic Timetable Master is freeware, you can download it from download, see the benefits for yourself.

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